Marc Remus

  Children's Book Author

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Newspaper articles

Here you will find a selection of newspaper articles published about Marc Remus' children's illustrations & exhibitions. Click any article to enlarge.


Frankfurter Rundschau, "Pig in the moon"
(German ov: "Schwein im Mond")

October 4th. 2012


Frankfurter Neue Presse
"See how creative Sachsenhausen is."
(German ov: "So kreativ ist Sachsenhausen")

September 25th 2012

Journal Frankfurt, "Enchanting Images"
(German ov: "Verzauberte Bilder")

October 2012


Frankfurter Neue Presse, "Vilbel in bright colors"
(German ov: "Vilbel mal knallbunt.")

August 23th 2012


Frankfurter Rundschau
"At last something beautiful from Mexico again"
(German ov: "Aus Mexiko mal wieder was Schönes")

22. Juli 2012


Frankfurter Rundschau
"Vilbel, Frankfurt and New York"
(German ov: "Vilbel, Frankfurt und New York.")

August 17th 2012